Our Members

Jamel rockt den Förster – Festival for Democracy and Tolerance (Forstrock festival)

The village of Jamel was deliberately “colonized” by neo-Nazis to become a “National Socialist model village”. Birgit and Horst Lohmeyer, owners of the Forsthof in this village, have been organizing an open-air festival there since 2007 – and are, thus, setting a sign against right-wing forces capturing the village.


Freiland Festival

What started as a private party more than ten years ago has long since grown into a popular open air festival that has the concepts of Peace, Love and Rock’n’Roll at its heart: Every year, many hundreds of people come to the Freiland to dance, laugh, marvel, swim, chill – to get to know and love each other!



Only a few festivals can offer their audience a venue like the beach Kägsdorfer Strand near the town Kühlungborn: The parking lot at the Riedensee, which is under nature protection, has become a temporary home – zuHause in German language – for more and more “zuParkers” over the recent years. They appreciate the festival and the surrounding nature and always like to come back to dance, romp, relax and spend a wonderful time together for four days.


3000Grad Festival

The “3000Grad Festival” – that’s countless hardworking hands and creative minds who, in front of and behind the scenes, create something that is more than the sum of its parts: an honest harmony of music, culture and nature. Many of the people involved come from the region, but some also from the other side of the world.


Immergut Festival

The Immergut Festival is a German music festival that has been held for more than twenty years – in Neustrelitz, on the last weekend of May each. It is organized by the association immergutrocken e.V., which works on a voluntary basis.


Wasted in Jarmen

What was meant to be a one-time thing has now turned into an annual reunion, a one-time concert developed into a two-day festival. Kind of crazy. And still sort of a logical development, considering that more and more people from the region are looking forward to meeting new people and old acquaintances year by year.


Meeresrausch Festival

Behind the name “Meeresrausch” festival there is a circle of friends, the captain and his crew. Together they sowed the seeds for a festival in the middle of the Usedom island’s enchanting nature more than ten years ago. Carried by the idea that all people are different in an enchanting way and that it is not absurd to bring nature, sustainability and art in harmony with electronic music.



At the Prosanova Festival, in the middle of a river landscape between M and V, poets, performers and potential poet princesses can be experienced outdoors, in their natural environment: their texts. For three days and three nights, they recite their stories, poems, odes, limericks – and sometimes even knitting instructions. Festival guests can change between listening, swimming, sitting around the campfire, standing at the bar, dancing, cooking, crafting, talking their heads off, or whatever else comes to mind.


LaGrange – Rügen

The La Grange on the Island of Ruegen is many things: festival, meeting place and socio-cultural center. A place where intergenerational and intercultural (cultural) projects, music, art and film find a home. The La Grange would like to enrich the cultural life on the island, bring artists and amateurs together for creative exchange that can range from experimental to avant-garde.


Heile Welt – Greifswald

Hidden between high smokestacks, rusty railroad tracks and huge oil tanks, the “Heile Welt” (that might be translated as “ideal world”) is being built just outside Greifswald. Cultural workers, creative people, idea generators and artists come together here, as well as various associations, initiatives and groups. Together they wish to fill this extraordinary free space with lively activities. The motto is “Just try it out” – and this is not only referring to handicrafts and painting, but also to gardening, music and much more. In a wide variety of colors and shapes.


Associated members

Fusion Festival

Far away from everyday life, a parallel society of a very special kind is created for five days – a place without time, a carnival of the senses that reflects the longing for a better world. The association Kulturkosmos, founded in 1999, brings together fusionists from all over the world for vacation communism that makes us feel that we want more than what is offered to us in this life.


About You Pangea Festival

Pangea as the united primeval continent was the inspiration for a place where all scenes, styles, people can get together to spend four unforgetable days. Tolerance, acceptance as well as the urge for curiosity and adventure are central values of Pangea – framing a festival full of fun sports, music and culture, dedicated to the motto “Never Stop Playing”.